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Domainers are...

the Craig McCaws of the 21st Century; instead of investing in wireless spectrum rights before they became valuable, domainers invested in Internet spectrum (domain name rights) before they became valuable.

the individuals who took tremendous risks by registering multiple domain names when everyone else including their spouses, usually told them they were nuts.

the people who believed in the Internet when everyone else said the sky was falling and that the Internet was going the way of the CB radio.

the people who drove domain registrations from 1 million registrations in 1997 (1.) to 127 million registrations in 2007 (2.).

the people who built the domain name aftermarket which is valued in the hundreds of millions today.

the people who drive an estimated 15% of the best targeted and qualified traffic online to advertisers in a wide spectrum of industries.

They are also...

the people who stayed up for hours at a time, night after night, reading lists of domain names until their eyeballs started twisting around in their heads (ask anyone who's done it.).

very talented entrepreneurs and programmers, who figured out how the domain name system worked and exactly when domains dropped each day, and wrote great programs that helped them to acquire those domains.

the entrepreneurs who keep figuring out new ways of earning money online.

constantly maligned by jealous competitors who wished they would have thought of it first.


1.) 1997 -
2.) 2007 -

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Who are These Domainers?

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